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18206 W. Oak Ridge Dr, Hagerstown, MD

1760 Dual Highway, Hagerstown, MD

520 Park Lane, Hagerstown, MD

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Open 7 Days

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     What sets Freddie's Apart from our competition?

First of all, 

We use the very best meats and cheeses available on the market. In 2001 we made a very deliberate decision to upgrade our meats to the highest level available.  We said, " the customers would not mind paying for quality.",and we have been proven right. 

This was a turning point for our business because we were facing all these national chain stores coming into Hagerstown and low-balling us with price. What many people don't realize is that we put on twice as much meat as those chain stores, and we use ingredients that are at least 2 to 3 diamonds above what you will find elsewhere.  We also make our own deli salads fresh several times a week. Our chicken salad can't be topped!

We use fresh chicken breasts, cook them off and then hand-pull the breast meat
to insure no gristle or fat ends up in your sandwich. Our garden salads and
soups are also prepared fresh each day. 

Sometimes when we are busy we may make salads as many as 3 times in a single day. Our produce is always freshly prepared and if there is a single doubt as to it's freshness it is tossed into the trash!  Yes this costs us money but our name is on the line and we take that very seriously. 

Moving onto our beef, we purchase our beef from Horst Meats right here in Washington County. It is delivered fresh from the farm 3 times a week and we hand pat the burgers 2 times a day.

We would go on and on about what we have chosen to do to make our place
the best it can be, but you, our customers have rewarded us with your loyalty.

We have been voted #1 for years by you, and we don't ever want to take that
for granted. Recently there was a review in the paper that said our steak and
cheese subs were not greasy enough and we laughed because if that is all
they could complain about, then we are doing things right. We want to thank
YOU, our customers, for your continued support. Supporting small family
owned businesses in a town this size is very important because once we are
gone all you will have left is a cookie cutter strip mall of choices for you and
your family. Remember, when you buy local you're voting for your hometown
with every dollar you spend.

Please let us know if there is anything we can improve upon and tell your
friends if you're happy with your experience here at Freddie's.

Hagerstowns' First and Best Sub Shop.